If you like to save money by doing the work yourself ....

Then "Cash and "Carry" might be right for you!

After your job is scheduled, you remove your tops then simply drop them off at our shop West of Mount Pleasant. Once the resurfacing is complete, you pick them up and install them yourself for a tidy savings.  Details here.


Eurobond Concrete Overlay

Eurobond,a value oriented method to upgrade an existing countertop. Thin layers of concrete are applied to the existing surface. Then dyes are patterned into the unique design for your project by the concrete artisan.

Benefits of Eurobond for you ... 

Versatile - Eurobond may be applied on various surfaces including:Eurobond Vanity Top  Laminate, Tile, Wood, Stone, Synthetics (like Corian or Silestone) - even if they are currently in a worn, cracked, stained or damaged condition.  For new construction, we apply Eurobond on high density fiber board.
Eurobond Kitchen
Beautiful - Because each Eurobond project is made locally by hand, you will have a unique element in your home.

Cost effective - Although your new Eurobond surface may look like natural polished stone and wear like a Corian-type solid surface, your new counters cost the same as laminate. 

Think about Eurobond for a floor, table, fireplace surround, chair rail, crown molding or other feature in your home - as well as countertops.